T-shirt designs To Font or not to Font

Oh boy!! This is something I am so guilty at. I'll have a design with a cool image and automatically I'm left staring at it. Hmmmm, what can i add to this. Let me put a word or two here. Maybe a sentence here. Next thing yah know you've got all kinds of letter strewn about. Then you try to rationalize it. Well maybe I'll just rasterize this, warp a word here or there. Bam!!!!  You're in a font hole that's hard to pull yourself out of. 

     One thing I've found is sometimes its best to let the actual design art do the talking.  Believe me I know its hard cause lets face it Fonts can be fun and real easy to use sometimes. Please, don't get me wrong Fonts are the bee's knees. In fact I need to get back into doing more textual designs. All I am saying that sometimes simplicity is best. Just remember that you may have 20k plus fonts at your finger tips but you don't have to use them all. When you have a design that speaks to you at just a glance, LET IT BE!!! You'll always have a chance to font the hell out of something else.